After dabbling in Yoga for a few years, I finally decided to dive deeper into the practice by signing up for a teacher training in the fall of 2017. Little did I know, that up until this point I had a very shallow and surface level understanding of this practice that has the ability to literally change lives. With so much stimulation in everyday life it is very easy to lose sight of some fundamental truths, the main one of which being that all is love. Even in times of despair, we are at our core a representation of love. 

With that being said, each session/ class is founded on that one main truth. We will explore pranayama and asana, as well as sound healing and meditation. Everyone ​deserves to feel good in their body and sometimes the way to that changes from day to day, so each session is catered specifically to the needs of that day and moment. With the aide of aromatherapy and singing bowls we will co-create a theme for each individual session, because our needs change on a moment to moment basis, so our practice will be a reflection of that. Whether your goal might be to attain a certain pose, or diving deeper into a mediation practice, I look forward to helping you get there at the pace that is most authentic for your individual journey.